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In One Small Room

Butterflies have not failed you, you just

Can’t see they’ve come into your room.

Perching on the flower of your urinal,

I see one blessing you even now.

Dolphins have not failed you.

You just can’t tell they swim the swells

Of your blankets, blessing

the sea you’re bound to.

Bats have not failed you.

They join you in your solitary night-days.

Circling your room by moonlight,

Trying to eat all the mosquitos of worry.

Ospreys, octopi and tree frogs join you

As you look for joy in one small room.

Your life is woven with theirs, my child,

You are never in this world alone.


On the Verge:Poets of the Palisades III

(The Poet's Press, 2020)

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1 Comment

Jan 22, 2023

I feel and understand your pain! While our children suffer with this debilitating disease, as caregivers we suffer in different way. We are forever trapped in a vicious cycle with little change - like the movie “Groundhog Day”.

I am glad you are not only finding an outlet for your frustration but a way to share your talent and knowledge with others who are lost and don’t know what to do!

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